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Inspired by the great silversmiths and apparel designers of historic Texas, Clint Orms’ world-renowned belt buckles and accessories forge a lasting legacy.

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Clint Orms’ craftsmanship graces the wardrobes of world leaders, movie stars, fashion models, sports legends, law enforcement officers, cattle ranchers and rodeo cowboys alike. Distinguished customers include Cindy Crawford, Tommy Hilfiger, Queen Noor of Jordan, Tiger Woods, and former U.S. president George Bush.

“I've always wanted to make products for people who sense value and passion in what we do... with the desire to pass along their treasures and stories for many generations to come.” Clint Orms

Artistry. Skill. Passion.

A master of his craft, Orms’ work tells stories of achievement, heritage, family and tradition through intricate detail and fastidious precision. True to Orms’ roots, every piece bears the name of a Texas County. From belt buckles and tips to tie and money clips, each Clint Orms creation is a treasured masterpiece that spans lifetimes.

Pecos 2056 Buckle

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San Jacinto 1818 Buckle

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Cordillera Ranch Custom Buckle

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Dawson 1812 Buckle

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Custom Clark Bolo

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Delta 1800 Buckle

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